Hannah Marshall interviews Dr Jennifer Fleetwood

In this session, Hannah Marshall interviews Dr Jennifer Fleetwood about gender, crime (particularly the drugs trade) and narrative criminology. Also featured in this discussion is their experiences of doing ethnography, race and criminal justice, globalisation and decolonising criminology.


Dr Jennifer Fleetwood is a criminologist and sociologist based at Goldsmiths University, whose research and writing centres on women, gender, and crime/law-breaking. She has used an array of research methods, including ethnography and interviews to understand women’s involvement in drug trafficking as mules and as street level drug dealers.  Her PhD, completed at the University of Edinburgh, formed the basis of her book titled Drug Mules: Women in the international cocaine trade (winner of the British Society of Criminology Book prize, 2015). She is an active member of the British Society of Criminology and former steering group member for the WCCJ Network. Dr Fleetwood currently co-chairs the British Society of Criminology Southern Branch. Follow Jennifer on Twitter.

Hannah Marshall is a PhD candidate in the Centre for Community, Gender and Social Justice at the Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge. Her research interests include youth justice, criminal exploitation, drug-related crime, and participatory, decolonizing and feminist approaches to research. You can read more about Hannah’s research here or by following her on Twitter

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