Dr Louise Wattis interviews Dr Tanya Serisier

In this session, WCCJN steering group member Louise Wattis interviews Dr Tanya Serisier about her research into rape memoirs and insight into political, social and survivor narratives. Their discussion explores feminist responses to sexual violence narratives as well as the politicisation of survivor identities. Louise and Tanya also explore the emotional impact of undertaking such research on the researcher. 


Dr Tanya Serisier is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Birkbeck University. Her  research explores the cultural politics of sexuality and sexual violence from a feminist and queer perspective. She has published widely on feminism, sexual assault and survivor politics, including in her critically acclaimed 2018 book, Speaking Out: Feminism, Rape and Narrative Politics. Her current research examines conceptions of sexual pleasure and danger under neoliberalism, with a particular focus on the cultural politics of sexual consent.

Dr Louise Wattis is a senior lecturer in criminology and sociology within the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Teesside. In broad terms, her research interests focus on violence against women and representations of victims of male violence and femicide. More specifically she has researched and published on women and fear of crime, gender, culture and serial murder, and media and popular cultural representations of sex workers as homicide victims. She is also interested in and popular criminology and the potential of popular cultural representations of crime and violence for enhancing academic criminological knowledge and research. Her work has also explored the relationship between biography and emotion within academic research and writing.

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