Dr Louise Wattis interviews Dr Magali Peyrefitte

In this session, Louise interviews Magali about class, spaces, visibility, urban criminology, social inequalities and their shared research interests around hauntology. Magali offers us a fascinating insight into how her passion for meaningful research has fuelled her investment in innovative research methodologies.

We are very thankful to Louise and Magali for redoing this interview after a technical mishap meant the original one didn’t record!


Dr Magali Peyrefitte is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology/Deviance at Brunel University. Magali uses a range of multi-modal and multi-media methodologies to explore how identity and power relations are affected and transformed within everyday spaces, paying particular attention to gentrification in its different forms. This has included looking at Soho in London using a unique combination of sensory methods and organising a portrait exhibition as part of a project on women in suburbia in France.

Dr Louise Wattis is a senior lecturer in criminology and sociology within the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Teesside. In broad terms, her research interests focus on violence against women and representations of victims of male violence and femicide. More specifically she has researched and published on women and fear of crime, gender, culture and serial murder, and media and popular cultural representations of sex workers as homicide victims. She is also interested in and popular criminology and the potential of popular cultural representations of crime and violence for enhancing academic criminological knowledge and research. Her work has also explored the relationship between biography and emotion within academic research and writing.

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