WCCJ Network Paper Prize

To celebrate excellence in research and scholarship from members of the Network, the Network hosts an annual WCCJ Network Paper Prize. This year saw Dr Anastasia Chamberlen win the prize with her paper (2016). ‘Embodying prison pain: Women’s experiences of self-injury in prison and the emotions of punishment’. Theoretical Criminology. 20/2: 205-219.

IMG_2328Anastasia’s work focuses on the lived experiences of women’s imprisonment in England and critiques the effects of imprisonment, focusing on the embodied aspects of women’s identities, self-perceptions and self-presentation in prison. In this powerful paper, she explores how women use their bodies to cope, survive and resist their punishment and criminalisation, and how punishment is inscribed on the prisoner’s body,  both within and after release from prison.

We’ll begin nominations for next year’s WCCJ Network Paper Prize, check back here in March 2018.